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Radiation protection experts

Atlas Services, founded in 2007, brings together the skills of various professionals with over thirty years of experience in the field of radiation protection, in the industrial use of radioactive sources, X-ray machines and particle accelerators.

The company has gained extensive experience in the sectors of radioactive material transport, in the design of bunkers and plants for sterilization or Non-Destructive Testing (both with radioisotopes, and with X-ray machines and electron accelerators), in the use of sources radioactive in the chemical sector, in the sterilization of materials with ionizing radiation and in the drying of printing inks with electron accelerators.

Over 10 years of experience in radioprotection

Thanks to its experience, Atlas Services is able to offer a complete service that includes the design, supply and maintenance of sterilization and NDT systems. The company specializes in the identification and remediation of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) and TENORM with particular experience in the oil, oil and gas sector, in the industrial field and in the processing cycle of phosphorites and paper.

The particular sensitivity towards environmental aspects has led to the development and application of models for the preventive assessment of environmental impacts according to the various accident scenarios that may involve radioactive sources.

Specialized technicians and radioprotection experts are dedicated to carrying out environmental radiometry campaigns and radiometric checks on imported metal products, as well as researching Radon and the consequent remediation actions and the assessment of radiological risk related to building materials.

About us

Atlas Services is a company made up of professionals in the field of radiation protection and maintenance of systems that use ionizing radiation. Our company boasts many years of experience in this sector and over twenty professionals in our team.
Thanks to the quality and professionalism of our services, we represents a point of reference for the whole sector.

Pierbattista Finazzi

Sole Director

Radiological protection expert since 1980.
Working with ENI for about 20 years, gaining experience in nuclear fuel cycle plants, in the assessment of environmental impacts, in the measurement and reduction of radon, and in the research and clean-up of NORMs in petrochemical plants.

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Fabio Giuruolo

Technical Director

Born in 1965. With extensive experience in many areas of maintenance and technical interventions. An expert in team leadership in environmental investigations and recovery of radioactive sources.

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Carlo Fazzi

Technician & Radiometrist

Four years in RD and Quality Control. Years of experience gained in the implementation of nautical and environmental engineering projects.

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Francesco Finazzi

Quality Manager

Energy engineer and quality expert. Former military pilot and naval officer, having worked in the armed forces for over 13 years, serving as Quality Manager, Auditor and Quality Law Instructor, before joining Atlas.

Michela Gaggiano

Quality Assurance

Grade 2 radioprotection expert since 1995. Over twenty years of experience in industrial and healthcare assistance for the management of radiological protection problems and quality management.



Esperienza come impiegata amministrativa specializzata in gestione della contabilità clienti e nella fatturazione attiva e passiva, approda ad Atlas Services come segretaria amministrativa e back office

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Our company brings together the skills of several professionals with over thirty years of experience in the field of radiation protection in the industrial use of radioactive sources, X-ray machines and particle accelerators.


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