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Atlas Services Srl

Radiological Protection Service Company

Atlas Services, founded in 2007, brings together the skills of several professionals with over thirty years of experience in the field of radiation protection in the industrial use of radioactive sources, X-ray machines and particle accelerators. The company has gained particular experience in the sectors of radioactive material transport in the design of bunkers and plants for non-destructive testing with radioisotopes, with X-ray machines and with electron accelerators, in the use of radioactive sources in the chemical sector, in sterilization of materials with radiation and in the drying of printing inks with electron accelerators.

The company specializes in the identification and remediation of NORM, both in the oil and gas sector, and in the processing cycle of phosphorites and paper.
The particular sensitivity towards environmental aspects has led to the development and application of models for the preventive assessment of environmental impacts according to the various accident scenarios that may involve radioactive sources. Specialized technicians and radioprotection experts are dedicated to carrying out environmental radiometry campaigns and radiometric checks on imported metal products. We provide ′turnkey′ systems, equipment, instrumentation and services covered by the projects and assessments carried out. International collaborations allow for maintenance on electron accelerators used in industrial environments.

Project planning

Our services are designed to solve any type of problem deriving from the presence, be it real or potential, of ionizing radiation as well as the design of systems that use radiation. We are able to design and build various types of plants, warehouses and control systems:
Bunker bianco con luce al neon

Bunkers for the use of radioactive substances, x-ray machines, or particle accelerators

Cabine per radiografia industriale

Industrial radiography cabins

Progettazione di sistemi di segnalazione sicurezza ed emergenza

Safety and emergency signaling systems

Progettazione di impianti e sistemi per la sterilizzazione con fasci di elettroni. Edificio sezionato orizzontalmente.

Plants and systems for the sterilization
with electron beams

Progettazione di sistemi per l'essicatura di inchiostri e vernici con fasci di elettroni accelerati

Systems for dryinginks and paints
with accelerated electron beams